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Cody & Natasha's Custom Ring Story

Cody A 3.png

Cody & Natasha's beautiful engagement photo with engagement ring

I knew when I proposed to my lady, the ring would have to be both beautiful and unique, much like her. I was also heart-set on being involved in the process, as I did not want to give such a unique woman an off-the-shelf common ring, just special and one of a kind. I was just not sure where to start.

What better place to start than a dream? During a dream I asked her to imagine the most beautiful ring she ever saw. She described it to me after the dream, a big center gem, blush sapphire, with a rose gold band. She added her own sketches to my notes and drawings.

I had an idea now on what to make but still not a means of creating it. I started asking around, and it turned out my co-worker knew a local jeweler, Innsbruck Jewelers. I met Ben at Innsbruck Jewelers soon after, and it was an interesting discussion-attempting to quantify and design a ring based off of only a finger size and a sketch. I realized at this time that if we were making a custom ring, I could design my own custom wedding band as well and fulfill my longing of being a part if this special design process.

Over the next couple of days, I dwelled on ideas until one struck me and stuck with me: the engagement ring would be the ring of her dreams in part, and would be completed when the wedding band was added. A two-part ring also allowed for white gold to be used as an accent background as it encircled the main gem with a magnificent, pure sparkle. I made Ben some computer designs quick as I could so he could sketch them professionally

 Everyone on staff had a great time watching this ring turn into what it is in the engagement photos. Cody had a great eye for concept and Ben helped with his knowledge of detail/proportions and design to make this dream ring a reality. Custom work takes about 4-6 weeks for completion on average .It is a two-piece ring that is very unique and was fun to see these great photos where Natasha was wearing it!

THANK YOU Cody & Natasha for letting us use your Custom ring story!

Cad/Cam Renders

Cody A 1.png

The ring mounting & stone before being set

IMG_0799 (1).JPG

The Ring Renders to look at before the go ahead on the ring